So festive, so warm.

By Southern Living Editors
November 30, 2018
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Knit cozy sweater folded in a pile on wooden background .Warm the concept
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You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you always seem to get as we inch closer to the holidays? The one that melts your frozen tundra of a heart and convinces you to string everything you own in twinkly lights and sing carols at the top of your tone-deaf lungs? Well, if you took that warm, fuzzy feeling and turned it into a piece of clothing, you'd get a popcorn-stitch cardigan. (Trust me, it's science.)

Even if you haven't heard the phrase "popcorn-stitch cardigan" before, you've probably seen one. Heck, you may even own one! A popcorn stitch, if we're speaking technically, is actually a cluster of small stitches that together create an airy, bubble-like shape that resembles—y'all guessed it—popcorn. Popcorn stitches can vary in size and can be spaced out in a pattern for a dramatic look, or woven side by side to create a super textured knit.

Quick. Go check your closet. Do you have a sweater that matches this description?

If not, take this article as an invitation to treat yourself to one for the holiday season: Not only is a popcorn cardigan endlessly cozy, the nubby sweater will go with just about everything in your closet, from classic wool skirts to your favorite jeans. Plus, a cardigan is ideal for layering—a necessary approach to dressing appropriately for our fickle Southern winters. There's something, too, that feels festive about a popcorn sweater (especially one in a wintery white or a merry-and-bright red!), so you can wear it just about anywhere, whether you're running around town to pick up last-minute Christmas gifts, or pairing it with a turtleneck, jeans, and booties for a casual holiday gathering.

And if you're trying to limit your holiday purchases to gifts for other people at the moment, just put a popcorn cardigan on your own wish list for Santa. Hope you've been nice this year.

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