The Best Personalized Cufflinks That Make Unique Gifts

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Initials Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an essential component of any Southern gentleman's wardrobe. Although they're an often-overlooked accent, a pair of custom cufflinks can add major style points to a man's outfit. These personalized cufflinks will step up his style game. Southerners love a monogram, and cufflinks are no exception. Whether you're looking for classic and timeless monogrammed cufflinks or something more whimsical or fun, these are the best options he'll love. Perfect for graduation, Father's Day, anniversaries, or birthdays, cufflinks make an easy but useful gift that men of any age will appreciate. Personalized cufflinks with his initials add extra sentimentality to the gift. Plus, they make amazing groom or groomsmen gifts. Whether you want all of the groomsmen to match with new personalized cufflinks, or you're a bride who wants to gift a sweet pair of monogrammed cufflinks to her future husband, cufflinks are an easy but meaningful wedding gift. These personalized cufflinks make unique gifts that guys will use forever.

EllieEllieltd Follow Personalized Locket Cufflinks

Personalized Locket Cufflinks

How sweet are these? With these monogrammed cufflinks, he can carry around a meaningful picture or memento.

Ward Wallau Silver Type Key Cufflink



The perfect gift for the writer in your life, these cufflinks are made from real typewriter keys, so each one is unique.

MonogramNecklace2014 Personalized Monogrammed Cufflinks

Courtesy of Etsy.

These sweet cufflinks have several color and font options to match the groom's getup. Engraved with the bride and groom's initials and wedding date, these cufflinks will be a sentimental gift he'll cherish forever.

Cathy's Concepts Gold Monogram Round Cuff Links

Cathy’s Concepts Gold Monogram Round Cuff Links

A flash of gold on his cuff will make a subtle fashion statement that's simple and classic.

Chanchala Rectangular Brass and Copper Monogram Cuff Links

Rectangular Brass and Copper Monogram Cuff Links

Copper, brass, and a rectangular shape make for a rustic look that's different than what everyone else will be wearing.

Ward Wallau Railroad Date Nail Cufflinks

Railroad Date Nail Cufflinks
Uncommon Goods

Any history, geography, or business buff will think this handmade gift, made from authentic railroad date nails, is so cool. Whether you pick the year of your anniversary, his birthday, or another meaningful date, this is a seriously sweet gift.

MuujeeWeddings Engraved Maple or Walnut Cufflinks

Engraved Maple or Walnut Cufflinks

These wooden cufflinks are perfect for a fifth anniversary, the "wood" anniversary, or a wedding party gift for a rustic wedding.

Uncommon Goods Secret Messaging Cufflinks

Secret Messaging Cufflinks
Uncommon Goods

From the outside, these cufflinks look like totally classic, but they reveal a secret message—whether happy birthday, I love you, or the code to solve a mystery—that you can change out from time to time for fun.

Sarah Chloe Homme Square Cufflinks

Sarah Chloe Homme Square Cufflinks
Mark & Graham

Monogramming is included for free (yay!) with this timeless gift, and they come in sterling silver and gunmetal, depending on your guy's style. You can choose a solitaire letter monogram or a three-letter monogram for these, too.

ItsAllAboutThePrint Personalized Pet Photo Cufflinks

Personalized Pet Photo Cufflinks

Kitschy? Yes. Cute? Absolutely. If you know a guy who loves his dog more than anything, these cufflinks are a funny gift that he'll really appreciate. Of course, you could do a photo of his family, but what fun is that?

EverythingBullets Shotgun Shell Monogram Cufflinks

Shotgun Shell Monogram Cufflinks

If your guy is a hunter, this gift is unique from the countless hunting accessories he's received over the years. Especially since it's personalized with a monogram in the center, this gift will be meaningful for him.

FeinFein Personalized Puzzle Piece Cufflinks

Personalized Puzzle Piece Cufflinks

These puzzle piece cufflinks, monogrammed with both the bride and groom's initials and their wedding date, are such a sweet gift for the groom.

Cathy's Concepts Grey Rectangular Cuff Links

Cathy’s Concepts Grey Rectangular Cuff Links

These sleek grey cufflinks will complement every suit he wears.

FeinFein Initials Cufflinks

Initials Cufflinks

How cool are these? Instead of monogramming his initials on a pair of cufflinks, give him a pair that is literally made of his initials. There are several font options to fit his taste, too.

Holly Daniels Christensen Custom Beach Cufflinks

Custom Beach Cufflinks
Uncommon Goods

These cufflinks might be an investment, but the sentiment is worth it. He can wear handmade cufflinks literally made with sand from his favorite place in the world. The maker has a "sand bank" with sand from all your favorite Southern spots, but if it's super secluded and not on her list, she has instructions for mailing her your specific sand. If you are planning to or did get married on a beach or have nostalgic memories of a certain beach, this is such a perfect gift.

    ALGiftware Personalized Square Cufflinks

    Personalized Square Cufflinks

    Instead of a three-letter or solitaire monogram, this unique set of cufflinks includes his full name in a cool format.

    SallyClay Silver Personalized Monogram Cufflinks

    Silver Personalized Monogram Cufflinks

    Not only are these cufflinks engraved with an intricate and beautiful monogram on the front, but you can include a sweet message on the back.

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