The sisters behind Palm Beach Lately share their fashion picks and favorite ways to soak up the season.

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Danielle Norcross and Beth Aschenbach in Pink of Palm Beach Lately
Credit: Max Kim-Bee; Wardrobe Styling: Katherine Lande/Creative Management; Hair Styling: Celeste Salas; Makeup: Danielle Pazos/Creative Management

A love of Palm Beach, Florida, is woven into Beth Aschenbach's and Danielle Norcross' DNA. The siblings, who now reside in Palm Beach Gardens, spent much of their childhood visiting their grandmother in the sunny city. "She documented everything and always had stylish pictures from her travels—and the stories to go with them," says Aschenbach. It makes sense, then, that the fashion-focused duo has followed suit, sharing cheery looks, decorating tips, and fun local destinations on their Instagram feed (@palmbeachlately) and colorful blog ( Here, they give us the scoop on their best ways to celebrate summer, from wearing breezy gingham skirts to savoring delicious gelato.

Danielle Norcross (left)
The Danielle Gingham 2 Piece Set, $150;
Cream Packable Wide Bow Sunhat, $60;
Tall Wedge, $95;
Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Belindana Earrings, $50;
Beth Aschenbach (right)
The Beth Bow Dress, $150;
Raffia Basket, $40;
Zarita Sandals, $120;

Palm Beach Lately Beth and Danielle's Grandmother
Beth and Danielle's grandmother is one of their style icons. In the photo above, she's wearing a dress she made for herself.
| Credit: Courtesy of Danielle Norcross and Beth Aschenbach

Courtesy of Danielle Norcross and Beth Aschenbach

Our Fashion Inspirations

BA: We have always appreciated the classic Palm Beach look, so with Palm Beach Lately, we wanted to create a fresh spin on that. We love Jackie O's style, and we respect Lilly Pulitzer's free spirit and how creative she was. They were elegant, classy women.

DN: Two bloggers in particular stick out to us as being today's answer to that timeless style: Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam (@juliahengel) does such an amazing job of blazing that path of being iconic and wholesome, and Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific
(@blaireadiebee) does the same thing. Both of these women are tasteful and super feminine. We not only adore their styles but also think they're very genuine people.

How Motherhood Shaped Our Look

DN: I love white jeans, but truthfully, they're not that practical right now, so I try to wear patterns and prints. They hide those accidental spills. That's why Lilly Pulitzer created her print dresses when she had a juice stand. For a mom, it's the same concept.

BA: We still like feeling put together and wearing beautiful outfits. Now, we especially appreciate well-made fabrics and quality pieces that we can keep in our closets for a long time.

Beth's Favorite Quote

"Busy is not a badge of honor."

Danielle's Favorite Quote

"Show up, be real, love others, don't quit." —Alli Worthington

Fun Summer Activities

DN: We enjoy riding our bikes together as a family on the Lake Trail and getting scoops of gelato at Sant Ambroeus afterward. I wish we did it every week!

BA: I like having picnics with our family on nice summer nights, when it stays light outside so much later. Last year, we went crabbing for the first time. The kids loved it!

Danielle and Beth of Palm Beach lately
Credit: Photo: Max Kim-Bee; Wardrobe Styling: Katherine Lande/Creative Management; Hair Styling: Celeste Salas; Makeup: Danielle Pazos/Creative Management

Danielle (left)
Hallowell Dress, $125;
White Floral Stud Earrings, $68;
Exclusive Blossom Sandal in White/Light Blue, $128;
Fortaleza tote in Natural, $139;
Beth (right)
Rossini Dress, $138;
Petite Cluster Earrings, $68;
Lauren Sandal in Cork/Gold, $128;

Best Warm-Weather Accessories

DN: We like to carry straw bags and totes, whether we're traveling, going to the beach, or using them every day with the kids. And, of course, straw hats are super important for blocking the sun. Amanda Lindroth carries adorable ones that you can have monogrammed.

BA: Danielle and I recently got Carrie Forbes sandals, and we're obsessed with them! They're so comfortable. I'm big on colorful sunglasses, too, so I can change them to match my different outfits. We also love Minnow swimsuits for children.

No. 1 Style Secret

DN: Know who you are, and dress accordingly!

BA: Statement earrings. They're great because they go with just about everything. You can dress up an outfit with them or wear them with a ponytail.

Our Island Itinerary

Visit these six must-see Palm Beach spots.

The Breakers
2. The Colony Hotel

2. Pizza Al Fresco

2. Rapunzel's Closet