Old Navy Launches BODEQUALITY Making the Plus-Size Section A Thing of the Past

All women’s clothing will be sold together, regardless of size.

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Old Navy is revolutionizing the shopping experience. The clothing outlet launched BODEQUALITY today, announcing that, "Old Navy is redefining size inclusion by offering every style in every size (0-30 and XS-4X) – at price parity," as a press release stated. From now on, when you shop in store, all women's styles in sizes 0-28, will be on the rack together, no special sections and no price increases. We're all in it together, ladies.

Old Navy

When shopping online, the Women's and Women's Plus collections will be merged online for sizes 00-30. Even the mannequins are getting a makeover. Online and in-store mannequins will be size 4, 12, and 18 to show each outfit in a range of sizes. The press release also states that, "Old Navy will be the first value retailer to offer sizes 0-30 and XS-4X for all women's styles at price parity"

The CEO of Old Navy Nancy Green stated, "we saw an opportunity to meaningfully change the women's shopping experience by making it more inclusive regardless of size. BODEQUALITY is not a one-time campaign, but a full transformation of our business in service to our customers based on years of working closely with them to research their needs. I'm proud of the collaboration across our Old Navy teams to evolve the retail experience for women."

Old Navy

It's not just about the marketing or the store placement. Old Navy went through a rigorous process to change the way their clothing fit. They did this through years of research, administering body scans of 389 women to create digital avatars based on real women's bodies, ran fit clinics with models in sizes 20-28 to build new fit blocks based on their unique proportions, revamping the industry practice of scaling up from smaller sizes, and spoke with real women to garner a variety of opinions about body image and what mattered to them when shopping for their wardrobes.

Let's get shopping, shall we?

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