Indulge him, just this once.
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Mosquito Net Hats
Credit: Amazon

Part of being a dad is having to put up with all the jokes your family makes about your hilariously bad dad jokes, quirky dad hobbies, and questionable dad fashion choices. Any one of those is enough to garner "total dad move" status and some teasing from the kids. Yet in some weird twist of fate, we found something that encompasses all three of those dad-specific things. So basically, you're toast, Pops. Your Southern dad needs a mosquito hat—stat. 

When people see a mosquito net hat, they don't often take it seriously. They think that surely it's a joke, not something that someone would actually wear. Well, except for a Southern dad who has no choice but to brave the bite-happy suckers whenever he's outside doing the yard, throwing burgers on the grill, or just generally getting out of your mother's way—and in the middle of July when the temperature consistently resides near a stubborn 100 degrees, no less. So yep, he'd love to rock this particular fashion faux pas if his family would only promise not to poke too much fun. Why not indulge him, just this once? 

The best part is, there's no need to splurge. This simple mosquito net hat with tons of great reviews on Amazon will scratch his itch just fine, and more still, keep him from cursing wherever those pesky skeeters come from. He can wear it while making his best bug joke—"why did the mosquito go to the dentist?"—and perfecting his newest hobby, outdoor model trains. Then he'll have really hit the trifecta. Don't worry, you can still joke about the model trains. 

So if you're ready to earn the best son, daughter, or wife award, surprise him (or any honorary Southern dad in your life) with his most questionable fashion choice yet. Because mosquito bites are annoying as all get-out, and he's bound to crack a wide grin. You can shop the popular mosquito net hat with a cord lock here. 

So, why did the mosquito go to the dentist? To improve his bite! Dad joke, delivered.