It's no question that from the initial launch—only eighteen months ago—I was an instant fan of Krewe. Modern retro silhouettes, custom materials, and quality hardware had come together to comprise an entire line of thoughtfully-crafted, and incredibly stylish, sunglasses that are also conveniently prescription ready. However, not until I sat down with Founder and Creative Director, Stirling Barrett, who passionately described the process in-depth, did my attraction to the brand blossom into a full-fledged romance. I was left absolutely smitten by each step. Barrett displayed an incredible attention to detail, from the design of layered color schemes in acetate sheets from which the frames are ultimately carved, down to the small gold engraved logo on the arm's tip.

After I tried on "Banks" with gradient amber lenses, Italian frames, and brushed gold details, I couldn't walk away without my very own pair in matte oyster. I knew this wasn't just a fling, it would be a relationship to stand the test of time. So when I got the news that additional styles would be introduced to the collection, my heart skipped a beat. Check out these new versions of The Charles, Monroe, Fly OS, and Oliver that are being released this week! It will be love at first sight.

The team at Krewe also knows there is no sense in having a perfectly crafted pair of shades if they don't flatter your face. Whether you want one of Krewe's latest and greatest, or you want to go with an oldie-but-goldie, here are a few tips from the Krewe crew on how to pick the right pair for you.

Let Your Frames Flatter Your Face Shape:

The Fly OS

1. Heart-Shaped Face. "Go for an oversized frame. The larger bottoms balance a prominent forehead and narrow chin. Our favorites for a heart-shaped face are The Fly OS, Banks, and Charles."


2. Round Face. "Elongate the face with frames that have strong angles and straight lines. The Calli Ope, Monroe, and The Fly are just right for this face shape."


3. Oval Face. "High cheek bones and a narrow chin means that almost any frame will work. We recommend frames that sweep up to compliment the cheekbones and narrow the jawline like Monroe, L.G.D., and Oliver."


4. Square Face. "Defined angles and balanced lines make it easy to pull off an oval or round frame. We love the Toulouse, L.G.D., and St. Louis for a square face."

We want to hear from you! What's your favorite Krewe Style?