Lacey Woodroof dishes on slow fashion and the changing landscape of her Alabama hometown.

Lacey Woodroof Sitting at The Essential in Birmingham
Credit: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Lindsay Hisey

Pick up silk pants or a pair of patent leather boots in her light-filled shop, and Lacey Woodroof can tell you exactly where they came from. That's the beauty of shopping at Basic. Here, every single piece has been responsibly sourced and ethically made. What started as an online retail store ( in 2016 has since expanded to include a brick-and-mortar location in Birmingham. "We've got a conscious push for growth in this city that has been super supportive of my business and others like mine," says Lacey. And she's channeling that inclusive spirit at Basic. "I want anyone who walks through our door to feel welcome and to be engaged in conversation," she says. "If all we ever do is educate people about where their stuff comes from, who makes it, and how they're paid, then we have been successful." Here, Lacey shares her style essentials and why she proudly calls the Magic City home.

7115 by Szeki Poet Sleeves Cotton Sweater in Chartreuse, $169;
Paper Bag Skirt, $193;
Amy George Moondrop Earring 1, $55;
About Arianne ankle boots, her own
Shot at The Essential in Birmingham

Our Shop Mantra

"Wear what makes you happy. Style and comfort are 100% subjective, so put on what makes you feel good."

Investment-Worthy Staple

"The hardest thing for me to source is a good pair of pants. When you find trousers that fit you well, get them. Those will serve you for everything."

Lacey Woodroof in her shop Basic
Credit: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Lindsay Hisey

7115 by Szeki Raw Silk Sarong Pants, $218;
Été Noir Sleeveless Mockneck, $110;
Amy George Moondrop Earring 2, $55;
About Arianne sandals, her own

A Quality I Inherited from My Mom

"The ability to think before I speak. It was a sleeper trait, but I'm glad that it eventually emerged. It's a phenomenally valuable tool."

Why I Love Living in Birmingham

"There are still things that aren't perfect, but people are constantly looking for ways to help our city come into its own. There is so much good on the ground here, and there are so many vibrant, enthusiastic, and supportive people who deserve to be celebrated."

Birmingham's Best

Lacey's must-visit spots for a full fall weekend

Woodlawn Cycle Cafe, The Essential, El Barrio, Honeycreeper Chocolate

Carrigan's Public House, Cayo Coco Rum Bar & Restaurant, Paper Doll

Zoe's in Forest Park, Shoppe, Dreamers Supply Co.