As comfy as can be.
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Working from home has its perks. For starters, the coffee here tastes better. And then there's the more comfortable dress code. Video conferences still require good old-fashioned workwear, of course, at least from the waist up. But even when you have to swap out the nubby old sweatshirt for a tailored top, there is comfort in knowing that no one can see what you're wearing on your feet. A little sole secret, if you will. And for me, if you look just out of frame, regardless of the rest of my outfit, you'll find my toes tucked happily into Kirkland Signature's Ladies' Shearling Slippers.

These shearling slippers will not win any beauty pageants, nor can they be compared to my Birdies, which are stylish enough to pass as real shoes in work and social settings, but they are the only shoes I have any interest in wearing these days. Sure, I'll change into sneakers to exercise and may slide on a pair of cute sandals to run to the grocery store or to have drinks on a friend's porch, but when I am in the privacy of my home, you can bet your bottom dollar I am wearing my slippers. The shearling lining is cushy and plush, while the sturdy, treaded EVA outsole means I can wear them to the mailbox (sorry, Mom) or in the backyard to water the garden. (BUY THEM from $25;

They're basically Costco's answer to UGG slippers, with that perfect Costco price to boot, ringing in at $25 to UGG's $120. 

Lest you think I am dramatic in my adoration of these slippers, let me introduce you to one Christine Hartley, who wrote a truly delightful 464-word review about how much she loves these slippers: "I wore these years ago, for several years in a row, they were my Most Favorite, Loved and Cherished, Shearling Scuffs, ever! But then, my local Costco, in Anchorage, AK, stopped carrying them.... And Life as I knew it.... STOPPED. After years of Misery, Grief, Longing and Cold Feet, I was SUPER EXCITED, to find them here, on AMAZON!!! (Oh Happy-Day!)"

One note she makes in her short essay—and one I agree with her on—is that the sizing is a bit off. I'm generally a size 10 in shoes (and can wear up to an 11 in running shoes), and I have room to spare in my size 9 slippers, so when you order these shearling slippers, consider ordering a size down from your usual. 

I'm looking forward to returning to the office (even its mediocre coffee!) when it's safe to do so, but if you sneak a peek under my desk, I'll probably still be wearing my slippers.