Here's why we weren't.

By Patricia Shannon
December 19, 2018
Kate Middleton Wearing Pink Dress to Christmas Luncheon
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Now, we're not ones to keep mum on matters of etiquette—as evidenced here, here, and here—but, sometimes, a little extra insight is needed. One such example caught our eye today when Kate Middleton started making headlines for what some referred to as an unseasonable color choice.

We know, we know, earth shattering. But stick with us.

Kate stepped out with the family in tow for the Queen's annual Christmas luncheon wearing a lovely shade of pink that somehow rang completely unexpected when considering the go-to hues of the season. Red or green, naturally.

SL editors love ogling the latest photos of the Duchess, which means she became an instant source of chatter once the first headlines started hitting our screens. The conversation took a turn when we recalled the reason why pink might be quite the traditional choice this time of year after all. For those hailing from religious denominations where Advent wreaths with purple and pink candles are common, you'll likely know why.

This past Sunday many churches lit the pink Advent candle to represent the joy of the season as we anticipate the birth of Jesus. Of course, there are many Advent wreath varieties—a large amount of which do not include pink candles—but for those who are familiar, Kate's choice of frock might not have rang quite so unexpected.

In fact, my mom sent a text to my sisters and me this past Sunday morning reminding us to don our pink for church that morning. Once I arrived and began peering around the pews, there was a smattering of pink to be found. Granted, it wasn't quite as prevalent as the smocked dresses with appliqued Christmas trees and Nativity scenes that the littlest among us were wearing, but it was definitely there.

We're not speculating that there was a hidden religious meaning in Kate's choice of wardrobe today, chances are she just liked the color, but we felt it was absolutely worth mentioning that pink is a perfectly acceptable color to sport at your Christmas festivities. Just in case you needed a little validation.

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