Jackie Kennedy's Favorite Button Earrings Are Trending

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Jackie Kennedy was such an influential style icon that even though it has been over 50 years since she was in the White House, she is still setting trends. Case in point, button earrings. Larger than stud earrings, button earrings are typically round, post-style earrings that are designed to sit right on the earlobes. They were one of Jackie's favorites, and they are popping up on fashionable earlobes everywhere. To join in on the trend, there are plenty of new and vintage selections available.

Classic Button Earrings

The Wall Street Journal covered the trend, dubbing the return of the button earring "the most unexpected new jewelry trend." While button earrings have made headlines in the last few years, "unexpected" is not an adjective I'd use when discussing Jackie Kennedy's continuing trendsetting. After all these years, Jackie's name still reigns synonymous with American grace and style, from her pillbox hats to her sensible heels to everything in between—including the earrings.

Jackie Kennedy in Pillbox Hat and Button Earrings
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As Jackie knew, button earrings are classics that offer an elegant, subtle accent that frame the face and highlight the lines of the neck and, more importantly, the smile. That's why they have a timeless appeal whether in diamond, pearl, or navy-and-gold plastic. While Kennedy's button earrings were frequently hidden under her perfectly coiffed 1960s bouffant, they gave any look a polished finishing touch. While fashionistas these days don't dress up as much as women (and men) did in the 1960s, button earrings can help elevate any outfit whether they are minimalist pearls or a big, bold colorful gobstopper version.

Iconic Style

Later in life, Jackie's taste in earrings became more daring with the pairs she wore. Notably, after her second husband Aristotle Onassis gave her a pair of gloriously bold dangling gold earrings from Greek jewelry house Lalaounis for her 40th birthday, which became iconic in their own right. The gold earrings were the ultimate statement pieces. According to Sotheby's, who sold the originals, the impeccably crafted pieces were meant to look like ruby-studded moons to celebrate the Apollo space mission and paid subtle homage to Jackie's late husband, President John F. Kennedy, who led America's space race. They were incredible, but not exactly something most of us would wear to the grocery store or to drive the kids to school. Luckily, button earrings work for every occasion and with every outfit, letting stylish people add a little easy Jackie O style to their everyday wardrobe.

Vintage Trend

If you want to try out the button earring trend or return to an old favorite, raid your mother's or grandmother's jewelry box. If your mother only wears diamond studs or pearls, don't worry: the Etsy website has hundreds of vintage versions for sale. If you want to look good for a good cause, UNICEF sells an impressive array of button earrings in their marketplace.

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