Here at Southern Living, our style editors have hundreds of products come across their desks each month. (Yes, hundreds—you should see our daily FedEx delivery!) That being the case, it takes something extra special to make each and every one of us, from the trendiest to the most traditional, stop in our tracks and declare, "I've got to have those!" But that's exactly what happened when these supple leather opera gloves arrived from Mark and Graham.

While a girl might not have a need for dramatic forearm-length leather gloves in her day-to-day wardrobe, the style harkens back to old Hollywood glamour (think Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis), but also has a modern bent (à la Scandal's Olivia Pope). And let's face it, who wouldn't want to look like Ms. Pope for a day? Available in six stylish colors (red, navy, and black, plus colors shown), lined in silk, and sporting a demure hand-painted gold monogram, they're our pick as the hands-down best accessory of 2014. Let's shake on it!

Get the Look: Women's Italian Leather Opera Gloves, $199, includes personalization;

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