Photo by Becky Luigart-Stayner

As a young man in Washington, D.C., Pranav Vora had been dressing in shirts about three sizes too big. Then, while studying in London, he discovered clothes that actually fit and were more flattering, thanks to such retailers as Topshop and Selfridges. Pranav returned to the States and teamed up with businessman Philip Soriano to create a line of shirts for athletically built men that bridges the gap between custom made and mass-market brands.

Their secret is a 12-size system based on torso height and shoulder broadness. Shirts start at $65;

The Name: "It's a play on the British phrase 'hue and cry,' used in England when citizens were bound by law to bring attention to a crime they saw. We use the term to say that we saw something wrong in the fashion world and did something to right it."

The Collar: "One of our most popular styles is the more European cutaway collar. It's very versatile, and you can dress it up or wear it more casually."

The Fit: "A great-fitting shirt starts with seams hitting right at the top of your shoulder. You shouldn't be able to pull out extra fabric."

The Fabric: "We use 100% Egyptian cotton. It's two-ply and breathable. The long fibers are woven to make a stronger fabric."