Photo: Will Crooks

Street style isn't just for the hard-beaten paths of New York, Milan, and London. These Southern bloggers capture the true style of the folks that call this region home. From Roanoke, Virginia, to Austin, Texas, these street style photographers seek out the inspiring and noteworthy looks that bring life to the streets of the South daily. We checked in with them to find out why they got started and who has been the subject of their lenses lately.

1. Cameron Adams - Atlanta Street Fashion Atlanta, Georgia

emPhoto: Cameron Adams - Atlanta Street Fashion/em

"A former newspaper photographer, I became a blogger to explore the shifting landscape of journalism," Cameron says. '"Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman influenced my choice of street style. Saluting the everyday choices people make to distinguish themselves sartorially gives all of us reason to smile."

2. Joanna Wilkinson - Keep Austin Stylish

Austin, Texas

emPhoto: Joanna Wilkinson - Keep Austin Stylish/em

"Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to write, and fashion has always played a huge role in my life. It wasn't until I got older that I became interested in photography, and when I realized a fashion blog would be the perfect hobby for me, I fell even more in love with taking photos," Joanna says. "There's both a science and an art to taking street style photos, which I love. Sometimes I almost feel like I'm an animal stalking my prey. I love snapping people in their natural habitat and capturing a specific moment in time. For me, fashion has always been an interesting way for me to keep track of history, and I love the part it plays in defining people's personal stories."

3. William Crooks - WAC AVE Street Photography

Greenville, South Carolina

emPhoto: William Crooks - WAC AVE Street Photography/em

"I was drawn into street style photography by the way the images capture a sense of old world romanticism, mystery, and at times, contextual contrast within the confines of everyday 'normal' life," Williams says. "My photos are not simply focused on the clothes but rather the story created by the individual's deliberate choice of dress combined with the manner in which they carry themselves. Personal style creates a visual narrative of who we perceive ourselves to be, how we want others to perceive us, as well as who we may aspire to become."

4. Katie Deter and Hailey Farris - Birmingham Street Style Birmingham, Alabama

emPhoto: Birmingham Street Style (Hailey Farris & Katie Deter)/em

"Hailey and I have been friends for years and we've always been 'business partners,' without a business," Katie says. "Birmingham Street Style was an idea and a dream that we somehow made happen. We get our inspiration from street style blogs and websites such as, Humans of New York, The Sartoralist, and The Locals. There's a lot of up and coming things in Birmingham and we wanted to have an outlet for the street style."

5. Angel David Verde - The Stylepreneur Virginia and North Carolina

Photo by Angel David Verde

"I was living in Charleston, South Carolina, and my enlistment in the Air Force was just about end. Up until then, I only took landscape and abstract photos. I was just awful at taking pictures of people," Angel says. "I had always been a fan of street photographers Joel Meyerowitz, Garry Winogrand and of course, Bill Cunningham. The blog The Sartorialist came along, and I saw blogging as a cool way to hone my skills photographing people. It just quickly evolved to being street style centric. Since the South is my home, I decided to put the most time on the streets of the Southern cities I visit frequently."