Beat the night sweats in style.
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Amazon Nightgown
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In theory, most of us can agree that we love the look of a full pajama set—be it flannel, silk, or otherwise. It basically begs to be worn while watching a Hallmark movie and is best paired with a glass of wine or mug of Sleepytime tea. (A few of our favorite things.) But like most things in theory, it doesn't always work out in practice. Because in the South, sleeping in a full flannel pajama set is made possible only when the house is kept five degrees below frigid. 

Hello, fellow night sweaters! You out there? Does anyone else make a habit of wearing a pajama set while lounging around at home only to then change right before bed into something less...sweat-inducing?

That's when you start to realize that your mother and grandmother were onto something, after all. That nightgown wasn't just for looks, but also for function. To keep the night sweats away, and to do it in style. Enter the shopper-loved nightgown on Amazon that gives you the best of both worlds, thanks to a cooling cotton material and sleeveless silhouette. Pair those features with a flattering high-low design that hits around the knee in the front and farther down on the calves towards the back, as well as dozens of solid color options, and you're set with quite the argument to bring back the nightgown for good. 

What has us loving this particular cotton nightgown is that it's not only loose and breezy, but it is also cute enough (and long enough) to wear around the house while making coffee and getting the day going. Shoppers rave in over 1,700 reviews, with one satisfied shopper saying: "Just buy it. And live in it. All the time." 

So if you're a hot sleeper—or just a sleeper who loves a nightie—consider this best-selling Amazon pick, even if you just throw it on after the flannel top and bottoms. (TO SHOP: $23.99;

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The extra room in your drawer next to your pajama sets just found a fun new occupant: a long and comfy nightie for when it's just too hot.