EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella with C-shaped Handle for Men & Women,
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

I Grab This Clever Inverted Umbrella Anytime a Rainstorm Strikes

It has a hands-free design and stands up to high winds.
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There's nothing quite like watching a storm roll in safely from your front porch, but when you're caught off guard without an umbrella as it starts to rain, that's a whole other story. If you're searching for your next go-to umbrella, you can find dozens of options on Amazon, but few rival the Eez-y Inverted Umbrella. It outpaces standard umbrellas in a number of areas, which is why I've been using mine nonstop lately as summer storms have rolled through. 

First, it has a reversible design that prevents dripping when closed, so you won't have to worry about water spilling on the floors when you're heading into a store, the car, or your front door. The upside-down umbrella also has a game-changing handle that resembles the letter C. You can thread your wrist through it, keeping both hands free to send a text on your phone and carry items.

In addition to these smart features, it also has a double-layer canopy built to stand up to harsh winds and a 42-inch width when fully opened. Trust me when I say I've tested this inside-out umbrella in strong winds and it did not disappoint: It stays open correctly, and the durable canopy offers plenty of protection from rain. It's ideal for one person, but you could squeeze another under the umbrella's shield in a pinch.

EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella with C-shaped Handle for Men & Women,
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

BUY IT: Starting at $21.99;

I have the jet black model, but you can take your pick of 11 color combinations, including fun floral designs that are secretly underneath the canopy. Prices start at $22, and according to over 2,300 five-star ratings, the price is well worth it.

"I finally decided to get a reversible umbrella, so when I get in the car [and] fold it up, the wet part is on the inside. No more getting soaked in the car," one Amazon shopper wrote. "And I love the flower pattern and love how it stands up. When I brought it in to work one day because it was raining, everyone asked me where I got it!"

Pick your favorite design and order one of these unique reverse umbrellas from Amazon today.