This Cult-Favorite "Freezer Dress" on Amazon Is the Only Thing We Want To Be Wearing for the Rest of Summer

We can feel the cooling breeze already.

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Columbia Freezer Dress
Photo: Amazon

When we see the word "cooling," pertaining to any bevy of items that can range from a mattress topper to a seamless bra—yes, really—we can't help but stop in our tracks. Anything that promises to save us from the basically year-round heat wave that is the South catches our intrigue; and if the reviews and stats check out, our wallet, too. Enter the freezer dress.

At the moment we happened upon Columbia's top-selling dress, there was probably a bead of sweat threatening to roll down the back of our neck or into the crook of the elbow. Graphic, yes, but honest. In the South, that doesn't necessarily mean it is summer, but the hot season really is a different kind of beast than just any sultry day in November. The brand touts that their popular "Freezer Dress" is able to keep shoppers cool with a combination of moisture-wicking elastane jersey fabric and their advanced Omni-Freeze technology. More still, the dress is made with UPF 50 sun protection to ensure no damage shines through. Stretchy and lightweight, it seems to be a casual staple to wear when you might be exposed to humidity and heat outside that can cause sweating and overheating, like when at a cookout, running errands, or porch sitting with friends.

Skeptical, we turned to reviews and found that the dress has quite the following, with one happy shopper raving, "Not enough stars for these dresses! I was burning up here in Texas, so I needed something cool and comfy. I first purchased one, now I have four. I will wear nothing else for the rest of the summer." The overall consensus seems that the dress fits flatteringly on a wide variety of sizes and heights, with black being the most popular color to purchase, dubbing it a little black dress that can be thrown on any day without getting too hot. (There are 22 different colors and patterns to choose from.)

So if you want a dress that gets rid of incoming heat instead of trapping it in, Columbia's Freezer Dress might be the way to sweat-free success without sacrificing style. (SHOP IT: starting at $37;

And don't worry, no chill time in the freezer is required, which only makes more room for icebox pie.

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