Outsmart those slick skeeters. 
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Mosquito Pants Amazon
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While mosquitoes are certainly buzzing around all year long, they really reach their fullest pest potential come summertime in the South. Hot weather, sweaty humans, and more time spent outdoors give the mosquitoes the perfect storm to wreak havoc on unsuspecting yard doers, porch sippers, and pool loungers alike—and no one detests a big, fat mosquito like a Southern dad doing all the above. 

That's why, despite our better judgement, we indulge him. We let him get the too-good-to-be-true infomercial skeeter spray and the formidable electric swatter, and odds are you've even seen (or agreed to purchase per his request) the fashion faux pas that is the mosquito net hat. But in reality, things have gone much further than we ever knew. There are mosquito net pants—pants!—officially on the market right now, and it's time we addressed it. 

Designed to go over whatever shorts he decides to wear outside to work in the garden, cut the lawn, or go on the rare hike, this particularly ridiculous pair of mesh net pants works to keep mosquito bites at bay while keeping enough breathability to help stay cool and breezy while outdoors. And while the mere thought of anyone wearing them in public makes us shudder, we're weirdly into the idea. Wearing thick, baggy pants in the dead of a Southern summer? We'll pass. 

Coghlan's Bug Pants come equipped with full-length "pant legs" made from ultra-fine mesh that successfully keeps mosquitoes, ticks, and no-see-ums away from those gams while still getting to wear any variety of dad shorts preferred, from cargo to athletic to denim jorts. (Side note: We do not endorse jorts in any way, shape, or form.) With a drawstring waist and ankle cuffs, as well as being made in a lightweight, flame-retardant fabric, these bug pants are an outdoorsman's dream, which is exactly why we're snagging a pair for any Southern dad in our lives (literal and honorary), stat. Shop the mesh mosquito pants here—for the best $12 you'll spend all season.

Mosquitoes think they are slicker than slick during the summertime, but they've got another thing coming. Bug pants, ordered.