No shame in this game.

Birdies Flats
Credit: Birdies

I walked out of my house to run errands the other day wearing bedroom slippers. This was not intentional. I have become so accustomed to the extreme comfort of my favorite flats that I've fooled my feet into thinking cushioned little pillows are acceptable footwear for strolling about town. Thankfully, my 2-year-old son caught my mistake just as I was about to get him into his car seat.

"Mama, you have you's slippahs on," he said.

Back to the house we went, but only to grab another pair of slippers—this time, a set that's actually acceptable to be caught wearing in public.

I was introduced to Birdies by none other than my mama. Well, I had known about them but hadn't yet taken the plunge until she found herself unwrapping a pair on Christmas morning. Clouds, she said. I slipped them on and quickly confirmed before hesitantly handing them back. When my husband gave me a pair for my birthday a few months later I had no idea they would be just the catalyst I needed to throw my heel habit to the wayside.

Birdies describes their designs as "the stylish flat that's secretly a slipper," and they truly are. These chic little slip-ons and loafers give a polished look without sacrificing comfort. From satin versions with pom poms to the faux cheetah Starlings that I find myself tailoring outfits around at least three times a week, Birdies are hands-down my favorite footwear brand as of late.

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With all this to say, there is one notable drawback—the price. The Sparrow, an open-toe slide, is the most budget-friendly pick at $95, while crystal-studded versions that can almost pass as formal footwear clock in at $140. Not quite as bad as other luxury footwear options, but still a splurge for many. Luckily, you can rest assured in the fact that these little slippers were made for walking, and working, and plenty of foot time. It's all about cost per wear, ladies. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.