Messy eaters, unite!
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Spilling Food on Tie
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Why should babies be the only ones who get to enjoy stress-free eating? Times are hard enough without having to worry about staining your favorite shirt. If only there were a way to protect your clothes while maintaining your dignity…

Enter: the adult bib.

As our friends at Simplemost recently pointed out, Etsy is full of subtle, sophisticated bibs for older messy eaters. For the crafty set, FabricGreetings offers sewing patterns for the dining accessory they call a Dignity Bib ($7.25;

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An easy-to-follow digital pattern helps you transform button-down shirts into bibs that cover the wearer's entire upper body. And the best part? It looks just like an ordinary shirt from the front! Customers sing the praises of the Dignity Bib, with one reviewer noting that it's ideal for people with disabilities that affect their motor skills.

Dignity Bib Pattern
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We're also big fans of the bib options from Classy Pal. This popular Etsy retailer sells several stylish bib options that keep the wearer clean and looking good—no assembly required.

Classy Pal Adult Bib for Women with Embroidered Design
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For ladies, they offer sleek black bibs with embroidered accents like silver brooches ($22.99; and pearl necklaces ($27.99; The fellas can choose between bibs with polo shirt necklines ($27.99;, striped ties ($27.99;, and many more.

Who says you can't look good and be practical?