Let's cut the charade. Those gloves that purport to have points on the index finger and thumb that allow you to use your phone whilst keeping your hands toasty warm are at best inconsistently effective and at worst lies. And oftentimes, they look more like a Star Wars costume accessory.

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That's why we are proponents of the fingerless mitten or convertible glove or whatever you may like to call it. Specifically this $13 pair on Amazon. Not only do they keep fingers from freezing with the fleece lining, they also make texting or zooming in on your Google Map as easy as a flick of the mitten top since your actual fingers can be exposed without removing the entire thing.

It's also worth noting that they are mighty cute, but don't put form over function. The wrist openings stay flush against your skin to prevent any drafts chilling your hands, and the suede patch in the palm is larger than most meaning your phone or the steering wheel won't slide out of your hands.

While we wait on technology to advance the cause of a glove that truly texts and responds with smart phones as well as our actual hands, we'll be using these during the next cold snap.