Retro style meets modern practicality—at under $100.

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Having grown up in the 90’s, I’m still pretty convinced that it was the best time to be alive. If not for scrunchies, overalls, N’SYNC (and the Backstreet Boys, to be fair), who would we be today? I’ll tell you this much: a world that hasn’t known and loved the craze of one-size-fits-all stretchy ‘popcorn’ shirts is not a world I want to be a part of. Fashion in the 90’s knew a thing or two about the it-factor, but most importantly, comfort. And while you won’t see me partaking in the resurgence of the top-to-bottom-matching-sweatsuit anytime soon, there’s one item from the 90's I thank the good Lord that has made its official debut into the 21st century: the Adidas sneaker.

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Now, let’s not pretend like this is hot-off-the-press news. You don’t have to travel too many miles of the mall to feel an immediate sense of déjà vu with every passing teen sporting their Superstars. All party lines aside, the kids are onto something, folks. After traveling once in a pair of Adidas sneakers, you’ll never look back.

Personally speaking, I opted for a pair of grey suede Adidas ‘Gazelle’ sneakers as my noble traveling companion, and it’s safe to say that I now want (need) them in every single color. The suede detail of this retro sneaker offers a stylish step up from the brand’s signature Superstar or Stan Smiths (which we love oh-so-very-much as well). The super soft structure offers comfort during long flights and layovers, but the top-notch quality of the shoe offers very necessary support for running to catch flights and lugging around heavy luggage. They’re lightweight for easy packing and slide on and off to help get through airport security with minimal effort. Basically, these do everything your trusty old tennis shoes do, but they’ll serve you stylishly enough to run to dinner after your flight when you don’t have time to change after landing. Oh, and they’ll do it for less than $100. The wide range of colors offered (we love these navy and this pink versions) make this shoe a great purchase for yourself, the hubs, or even the kids for the next family vacation. 

I'll tell you what I want (what I really really want), and it's for these sneakers to stick around for good this time.