I Will Now Be Living in These Athleta Pants for the Duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Maximum comfort achieved.

It has been a weird, long, and difficult year. We are all taking this uncertain time one day at a time. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues, and we are spending most of our time at home, comfort is now a necessity. Whatever comfort means to you, be it in a batch of freshly baked brown butter chocolate chip cookies, or you find reassurance by losing yourself into a good book, now is the time to embrace whatever brings you more ease. For me, I am leaning all in on leisure wear. Yes, there are times when I have to be on a video call with work or a Zoom happy hour with friends and I will still pull out the "going out" jeans and do my hair instead of letting it air dry and the mad curls fly. But day to day, I am increasingly craving the cozy.

Best Culotte Pants


In my quest for all things cozy, I will admit that I have succumbed to the late night, online shopping spree one or two times. (Ok by one I mean one dozen.) There are just so many good sales popping up, it seems almost practical! One of these online shopping sessions resulted in my best find so far. Athleta was having their semi-annual 60% off sale and well, I just thought it would be rude to not take a gander. Here I discovered the Free Flow Culotte.

These are the most luxuriously soft pants that I have ever put on my body. We're talking like I felt like I had slipped into wearable pillows, or wrapped a feather bed around my tired gams. I have been going on a lot of walks these days and become an expert on the flora and fauna of my neighborhood, so after the exercise is complete, I think I deserve the treat and spa-like self-comfort these pants provide.

Now, I can tell you that on my horizontally challenged legs that they don't look like what they look like in the photo. They aren't so much "wide leg crop" as they are "wide leg full length" on me but that doesn't really bother me. The fabric is heavy enough to feel durable but yet light-weight enough to not feel hot when wearing them. I am no design expert but the description says the fabric is a mix of Tencel, cotton, lenzing modal, and spandex and to me this combination equals the absolutely perfect, indulgently soft, curl up on the couch and binge-watch away, uniform. And great news, they are still on sale and available in light grey heather and black. (BUY IT: $54.99, Athleta)

I might just have to buy five more pairs. I am serious. I will live in these pants until we re-enter the world.

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