Amazon No-Show Socks
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These No-Show Socks From Amazon Are A Must-Have for Wearing Sneakers

"If you could love a sock I mean really truly love a sock it would be these!"
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When I found my new favorite pair of sneakers earlier this year (which I now own in two colors), I wanted to wear them every time I left the house. The only problem was the no-show socks I had were not suitable for all-day wear. They always slid off my ankle, bunched in the shoe, and generally were not comfortable.

I quickly turned to Amazon to order some new socks with Prime so they'd arrive on my doorstep in two days, and I could continue wearing my new shoes. My search for "no show socks" led me to Wernies No Show Socks. They are the #1 best-seller in the Women's No Show & Liner Socks category and have over 18,000 five-star reviews. I added the four-pack to my cart immediately and (in)patiently waited for my package to be delivered.

Wernies No Show Socks
Credit: Amazon

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I can't say that my expectations were very high considering my past experience with no-show socks, but I'm happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised after just one wear. The pack included one each of four colors: black, gray, tan, and white. Just as they claimed, the socks didn't slide down or move at all throughout the day. They're made with a soft, lightweight cotton and spandex blend material that's so comfortable you don't even know you're wearing them. Four lines of anti-slip silicone on the heel keep the sock in place—no matter how far you walk or how long you wear them. Soon after receiving my order, I quickly placed another (this time the eight-pack) because I never want to run out.

Amazon shoppers agree with me and the reviews speak for themselves. "I worked a 63 hour week and not one time in one day did my socks ever move, shrink, right down or up" shared a customer. Another wrote, "If you could love a sock I mean really truly love a sock it would be these!" If you need some more convincing before adding these no-show socks to you cart, or simply enjoy reading through customer reviews, you can see them all here.