Columbia, South Carolina, designer Allie Mood and her daughter Edith celebrate Mother's Day in cheery, colorful fashion.

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Allie Mood in Vintage Jumpsuit with Daughter Edith
Credit: Robbie Caponetto; Wardrobe: Dupre Hartshorne; Hair and Makeup: Mikel Rumsey

For Instagram photographer Allie Mood, her smallest subject has also proven to be her most challenging. "Edith is the only one who's really thrown me for a loop," she says of her 3-year-old daughter with a laugh. But when the Columbia, South Carolina, mom does manage to snap a photo of her "little spitfire," it's Instagram gold. Allie's lighthearted shots of her three children (Poppy is 9, and Henry is 5) feel like a step back in time, and her feed's vibrant, creative perspective (@allieroyall) is what keeps her nearly 65,000 followers coming back for more. She captures that same throwback vibe in her children's clothing line, Poppy & Hen (@poppyandhen), which features classic silhouettes in mood-boosting prints. This Mother's Day, she talks vintage clothes, capsule closets, and the most important lesson she wants to teach her children.

My Fashion Sense

"The first words that come to mind are carefree and easy—but also a little bit bohemian. That is where I need my sisters to tell me, ‘This is what your style really is!' I don't care as much about being on trend as I do about being comfortable. I like for my clothes to fit and look nice, but I also want to feel youthful and playful. I like bright and happy things for me just as much as I do for my children."

Allie: Jumpsuit, vintage. Glamorous Green Block Heel Sandals, $38; Jewelry;
Edith: Vintage dress; Kim Mary Jane shoes in White, $61;

How Motherhood Changed My Style

"It hasn't really changed! I've always been a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl. I love brilliant colors and have dressed a little bit out of the box my whole life."

How I Shop

"I like to support small makers and creators, especially women, whether they're here or abroad. I feel like more love goes into the clothing that way. I keep a capsule closet (which helps make shopping these brands more affordable). So in the summer, I'll stick to jeans, basic shirts, and 5 to 10 dresses that I can accessorize to make more or less casual, and I know they'll hold up."

Why I Love Vintage Clothing for My Children

"The styles remind me of a simpler time, when children were outside more and weren't forced to grow up so quickly. The clothes of the fifties and sixties were so detailed, too, and every little element that went into creating each piece mattered because the mothers or grandmothers were usually making them. You can see that in the collars and the sweet lace."

Allie Mood with Daughter Edith in Banana Dress
Credit: Robbie Caponetto; Wardrobe: Dupre Hartshorne; Hair and Makeup: Mikel Rumsey

Allie: LPA Gemma Top, $148; Woven Cowboy Heeled Mules, $90; Jewelry and jeans, her own.
Edith: Banana Dress, $68;

Edith's Go-To Look

"She is super picky but has favorites that she'll wear over and over again. Last summer, Edith had one dress that she loved, so I just kept washing it. She likes tights but hates socks, so we're having issues with that right now."

My Mother's Best Advice

"This is a really good thing about my mom: She's more of a compliment giver than an advice giver. She just models good behavior. I need to call her after this and tell her I love her!"

The Lesson I'm Teaching My Children

"I want them to know that they are lovable and worthy and that they are perfectly and wonderfully made—and that everybody else is too. That's the most important thing, really."

My Mother's Day Wish List

"I'll tell my children, ‘All I want for Mother's Day is a clean house!' So they're pretty good about trying to clean up or make me breakfast. They're really sweet."

Columbia Classics

Allie's can't-miss stops in the South Carolina capital
1. The Gourmet Shop
2. Crave Artisan Specialty Market and Cafe
3. Hunter-Gatherer Brewery & Alehouse
4. Be Beep A Toy Shop
5. Marigold Modern Kids
6. Barre3 Columbia

A Favorite quote

"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes." —Unknown