Apparently, Kate Middleton is even a fan.

By Patricia Shannon
September 29, 2017
Alice Bow

The holiday season will be here in a flash, and you know what that means—we'll be hitting the holiday cocktail party circuit, hard. Instead of surrendering to the sensible flats you bought for such occasions, we found a product that will convince you to elevate your look without sacrificing your feet: Alice Bow insoles.

For this ingenious find we have none other than the sensible, yet fashion-forward Duchess of Cambridge to thank. Alice Bow will neither confirm nor deny that Kate Middleton is indeed a royal fan of their pretty and practical insoles; though we have it on good authority these are the secret weapon to all of her heel-teetering engagements.

With a fan like Kate, it will come as no surprise that these aren't your average heel inserts. The insoles come in a variety of designs for both high heels and flats—because we all know even flats aren't as comfortable as their zero-percent incline will lead you to believe. Prices start at $19.90 for a standard pair and go up to $59.70 for a four-pack. This might be the cheapest way we've found to get Kate's look yet. That being said, we'll take four pairs.

Rachel Bowditch, founder of Alice Bow, says the secret to these high heel pads is in the "slim-but-effective padding" that's then topped with soft leather. Even though the insoles come with a royal endorsement (allegedly) and are offered in a variety of tasteful colors like ballet pink and rose gold, we still wouldn't want them stealing the show. After all, the only thing worse than aching feet, is ruining a perfectly good shoe moment with an insole that doesn't know its place is behind the scenes.