By Ashley Riddle Williams and Patricia Shannon

Frankly my dear, we have no qualms naming Scarlett the grande dame of iconic style. After all, she did turn mere curtains into a hoop-skirted confection in what we stipulate to be the birthplace of American haute couture, Tara's drawing room. We even went so far as to take a cue from her domestic duds and created a column where we serve our favorite china patterns in wearable form—we must say, it's quite delicious. However, we don't expect everyone to share our appreciation for old guard style. So imagine our surprise when we happened upon crisp-bobbed fashion authority, Anna Wintour, crowning Ms. O'Hara "The Most Stylish Literary Figure." We have a few suspicions (beyond the fact that she is completely, totally, 100% awesome) as to why. If you don't agree, to that we say fiddle-dee-dee!

1. Only a fashion visionary can look at drapery panels and see this. We all know Ms. Wintour has quite the appreciation for resourceful and innovative fashion design. However, if one's country has declared Martial Law and she is able to not only make the season's latest out of available resources but define her signature color by her own handiwork, just paint her adept and call her Coco Chanel.

2. With one lift of her perfectly arched brow, Scarlett could make grown men

weep. Not to mention the fact that she could blush on command. That's one dangerous skill set.

3. She knew that a fashionable lifestyle begins at home. Don't let the well-appointed interiors of Tara fool you, Scarlett and Rhett's Atlanta abode was the true real-estate star. That. Staircase.

4. This peppery lady wasn't afraid to turn heads. Whether it was showing her décolletage before noon or gallivanting with her best frenemy's hubby, Scarlett never met a confrontation she didn't jump headfirst into.

5. She was never the arm candy, but had plenty herself. Before there was Elizabeth Taylor, there was Scarlet O'Hara who rivaled the notorious nuptial addict in husband count.

6. We suspect Anna may self-identify. Accents aside, Ms. Wintour and the not-so-sweet Georgia peach also share a distaste for head-to-toe black. The latter was ready to shed her dour mourning dress for brighter hues quicker than Anna can purse her lips at a bad collection.

7. Seventy five years after the film's big screen debut we still can't get enough, from our fingers to our toes. We've got Essie to thank for this one.

We want to hear from you! Scarlett may be the queen of Southern style but she certainly isn't the stand-alone fashion royalty. Who are your Southern style icons?