We asked Jane Scott Hodges, owner of the New Orleans-based luxury monogram shop Leontine Linens, for her to the letter advice on what you should monogram, along with a guide to whose initials go where, and some of our favorite monogram resources in each category. Read on for her initial thoughts!

Barware: Traditionally the barware has the man of the house's monogram or single last initial. For a modern twist, use each of the couple's first initials, with their married initial in the middle. Try: Everyday Straight Double Old-Fashioned, $48/set of 4;

Bath Towels: First, last, middle for the user. So, yes, you may have more than one monogram in a shared bathroom. Try: Camille Bath Towels, $130;

Bedding: "Traditionally the lady of the house uses her monogram: first, married, and maiden, in that order," says Jane. Also acceptable, using both the husband's and wife's first initials. Lady on left, gentleman on right, married in the center. (Don't worry about who sleeps on which side of the bed.) Try: Maxwell Standard Shams, $265;

Table Linens: As with bedding, defer to the lady of the house: first, married, and maiden. Try: Personalized Cotton Napkins, $28 each;

Canvas Bags: Use the single initial of your last name. "That way the whole family can use the tote—whether Dad's off at the farmer's market or Alice goes to a sleepover," says Jane. Try: Medium Boat and Tote, $34,95;

Jewelry: Both first, middle, last and first, last, middle are acceptable combinations. Just stick to wearing only one monogrammed piece at a time. Try: Signet Ring in Sterling Silver, $375;

Luggage: This is not the place for scrolling hard-to-read letters. Use either the person's last name or first, middle, last initials--both in block capital letters. Try: Coated Canvas Carry-On with Wheels, $437; (A Texas product!)

Sunglasses: Use small block letters–first, last, and middle—to make your frames stand-out in the beach house cluster. Try: Monogrammed Wayfarer Sunglasses, $36,99;

Wedding Paper-Goods: For the invitation and ceremony use the bride's maiden monogram. Switch to the couple's shared monogram for the reception menus, favors, etc. Try: Circle Monogram Wedding Program, $350/100;