Frankly, my dear, you should consider adding this to your beauty routine!


Vivien Leigh secured her place as a Hollywood legend – and her position as an honorary Southerner – with her fiery portrayal of the eyelash-batting, hoopskirt-flouncing, "Fiddle-dee-dee"-ing Scarlett O'Hara in the 1939 film adaptation of Gone With the Wind. And while Leigh certainly earned her Academy Award for the role by playing the calculating Southern belle with spirit and aplomb, the British actress also looked the part, from her itty-bitty waist to her dewy porcelain skin.

While we've gladly bid adieu to the antebellum beauty standards that called for whisper-thin, corset-bound waists, gorgeous skin will never go out of style, and we sure wouldn't mind having Leigh's flawless complexion.

And it turns out that we may be able to (or at least try to!), thanks to some intel we learned from the folks over at House & Garden.

The Oscar-winning actress's surprisingly simple skincare hack? Facials.

Leigh, along with English royalty and other Hollywood starlets of the time, like Ava Gardner, was a regular client of Madame Lubatti, an entrepreneurial skincare maven of the 1920s and ‘30s who used homeopathic recipes to give her A-list clients glowing, radiant skin.

Of course, bright, youthful skin isn't just for aristocrats and Oscar winners: Take a cue from Leigh's easy – albeit luxurious – skincare routine, and treat yourself to a facial at your local spa.

Some skincare experts recommend that you get facials every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain your desired dewy complexion, but spa treatments often come with a hefty price tag that makes monthly facials a not-so-budget-friendly option. And while it doesn't feel quite as indulgent as donning a fluffy robe and sipping on cucumber water before you settle into the spa chair, treating yourself to regular DIY facials at home is an equally effective way to get that Scarlett-worthy glow without the sky-high cost.