7 Common Skin Care Mistakes That Make Facialists Cringe

Hint: It's not sleeping with your makeup on.

Toska Husted, the facial skin care expert, and owner of Toska European Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina, has treated some of the world's most famous faces, including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston. If there's A-list skin you covet, she may be the one behind it. Now, Husted is sharing the skin care mistakes that make her (and probably every other facialist) cringe, so you can finally get the skin you're after.

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You fall for social media ads.

It's fine if you see your favorite blogger wearing an adorable necklace and can't resist snagging it for yourself. But when it comes to skin care, don't let an influencer dictate the routine that's right for you.

"Skin care products nowadays aren't always innocent. Some have high levels of acid. So you see a 'swipe up' on something and you buy it and start using it, but before you know it your skin is reactive and red, or you're breaking out," Husted said.

Instead, find a skin care professional who can get to know your specific needs, and then use them as a resource for future purchases. Cater your skin care to your own skin—this will be the best way to make sure you are caring for your skin the way it needs to be cared for.

You assume your skin is the same all day, every day.

"Your skin can change from morning to evening. It can change based on internal factors. It might change depending on the medication you're taking or if you just got back from vacation," Husted said.

Being mindful of these shifts allows you to use the products your skin needs to feel and look its best, no matter the situation.

You generalize your skin type.

Additionally, Husted explained that skin type isn't as straightforward as you might think.

"Just because you have dry skin, doesn't mean you never get pimples. I have clients that are dry, but they also tend to break out. It's more complex than just one type," she said.

You're looking for a solution, not the cause.

Everyone wants a solution to that large pimple taking up residence on their chin, but Husted advised taking the time to investigate the reason behind the breakout, too. If you don't, its larger, redder cousin might be just around the corner.

"If you're breaking out, you could assume it's because you didn't take your makeup off, but it could actually be hormones or other factors causing the problem," Husted said.

A skin care professional can help you delve into the root of the issues at hand, allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to keeping your skin looking flawless.

You go overboard trying to prevent breakouts.

No one likes to walk around with blemishes, but hoping for a quick fix from your skincare products can actually worsen your concerns.

"Let's say you're trying to control oil and you take it too far. What that does is it actually sends a message to your skin to produce more oil, because now it's so dry, so you end up breaking out even more," Husted said.

You're too focused on age.

Don't be so quick to grab the first anti-aging cream you see. Rather, focus on your skin and what it needs.

"I like to think that we don't treat age. We treat the condition of the skin," Husted explained. "I have clients that are 70 and they have beautiful skin. Then I have clients who are 30, but they've been overusing things. They're not in a good spot. If I had to choose, I'd say the 70-year-old has better skin."

You see skin care as a luxury, not a part of your overall wellness.

Getting a facial from your favorite spa inevitably feels like a treat, but Husted emphasizes that caring for your skin correctly shouldn't be a once-a-year indulgence.

"This is about the care of your body's largest organ," Husted said. "Your skin is what protects your internal organs. It's not about vanity. I think we've been conditioned to look at it as beauty more than wellness, and I'd like to educate people on that."

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