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Thayers Natural Remedies

It's likely you've come across the name Thayers Natural Remedies a time or two. The brand has been around since 1847—as they proudly stamp on each of their products. While their popular Witch Hazel toners didn't come on the scene until a good 140 year later, they've shown a staying power that few other beauty products can claim. As for the most popular toner of the bunch, it seems the brand's Rose Petal variety takes the crown.

With more than 10,000 Amazon reviews, another 7,000-plus on Walmart.com, and a good few hundred on Target.com, it's clear more than a few have given Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner a try. Positive reviews have claimed results such as improved skin tone, glowing complexion, and soothed and moisturized derma. Perhaps the best part of all, the 12 oz. bottle clocks in at a budget-friendly $8 on Amazon.

In addition to smelling like a dream, rose petals apparently pack a punch of beauty benefits like restoring dehydrated skin and acting as a natural astringent for controlling oil and locking in moisture.

Before you start buying this stuff in bulk, it must be said that not all the reviews have been stellar. It seems some with a sensitivity to fragrance (count me in on that one) have experienced breakouts on the site of application. While certainly not the case for all—or even the majority it seems—it is something to bear in mind when giving this one a go. If you're worried, give the unscented version a try for a similar effect, but without the potentially irritating rose-petal ingredient.

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