No more white smudges all over those navy-blue swim trunks.


My big issue with applying sunscreen on my toddler is that it gets everywhere. His navy blue shorts, his hair, the car seat—nothing is safe. I end up with white smudges and streaks all over the place. Up until this point, it has seemed like a non-issue. If we're talking sun protection versus the minor inconvenience of an extra bit of scrubbing before throwing his summer clothes into the laundry, or giving the car seat a good wipe down once a week during those scorching months, well, you won't hear me complaining. That is, until the new child-friendly formulations from Supergoop! made it to my desk.

The brand-new range comes in cutesy little baby blue packaging, but don't let that fool you—Supergoop! Sunnyscreen means business. All three of the products, which include a lotion, spray, and stick are labeled as 100% mineral sunscreen, meaning they're gentler and less irritating to sensitive skin than synthetic sunscreens.

Of the three products, the spray is the only one I haven't tried. That being said, the lotion blended into my skin easily with no discernable scent or sticky residue left behind. The lotion will definitely be a go-to in our household this summer, but the stick is what I'm really excited about. It looks like a miniature deodorant, but in a cute palette. It glides on silky smooth and, here's the clincher, just where you apply it. Yes, we're not getting gloopy white smudges all over everything. It's the summer solution this mama has been waiting for. I also love that it's about a third of the size of the sunscreen bottle I tote around all summer—I'll be able to squeeze in an emergency bag of goldfish and maybe even a box of yogurt raisins with all that extra real estate in my bag.

The line is a bit more expensive than you'll find with grocery store SPF but ,for the sake of sensitive skin, I'll be making the investment. No more tears—well, except when it comes time to get out of the pool. For that, I haven't yet found a solution.

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Supergoop! Sunnyscreen is designed for ages 6 months and older.