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Like making a sandwich or saying hello, there are many ways to go about exfoliating and every culture has their own method.

Here in the United States, we tend to go big or go home either opting for an obligatory slathering of St. Ives Apricot Scrub once a week or industrial-grade chemical exfoliation at the dermatologist office that leaves our skin looking like a pork tenderloin.

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But in other parts of the world, exfoliation is a daily habit that is effective, but not as extreme. Particularly, in Korean spas and Turkish hammams, where attendants scrub your skin with a rough cloth until it feels about as smooth as a stick of Land O' Lakes. Some Americans have taken notice and started selling their own exfoliating cloths and mitts, Baiden Mitten and MicrodermaMitt. While there are plenty of positive reviews (and gross, badly lit photos of pilled dead skin), they come with a not so pretty price tag.

But deep within the comments and reviews, there is also a chorus of international women calling bologna on these overpriced versions of what is commonplace in other countries. While the Baiden Mitten costs over $50, a 4-pack of cloths made from the exact same material only costs $12. Specifically, these Korean exfoliating cloths that come in three different grades of abrasion (blue being the least and pink being like sandpaper for your skin). We like the middle ground, lime-green option that fits over your hand like a pocket to make scrubbing hard-to-reach areas like your back easier. Because they take no room to pack and dry-out quickly, these cloths are much more travel-friendly too.

A 15-minute soak in the bathtub followed with a serious scrub will provide the same horrifying but satisfying results, but you can also just use them daily in the shower for a less time-intensive exercise for a noticeable new smoothness without roughing up your budget.