And it's affordable too.

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Sometimes our hands get neglected. Typically, the few who might notice include our disapproving manicurist, significant others, and sweet children who aren't embarrassed to hold their mama's hand in public. The same can't be said of a certain sapphire-donning pair that's frequently front and center on magazine covers and newspapers, in addition to being splashed all over social media. You know who we're talking about—the one and only Duchess of Cambridge.

According to Cosmopolitan UK, a tube of Skinfix Hand Repair Cream was gifted to Kate Middleton by the Head Consulate and Ambassador of Canada when she had Princess Charlotte. The Canadian skincare brand is known for its natural, healing products with an emphasis on solving common problems that plague both royals and commoners alike. Skinfix launched with a healing balm and soon expanded its offerings to include an array of hardworking products formulated with natural ingredients that appeal to Kate who reportedly favors the natural approach to beauty.

Their Hand Repair Cream recently gained overnight cult status when word started circulating that HRH was a fan. Whether she's elegantly greeting a crowd or pointing out the sights to the littlest royals in tow, her hands are always at the forefront, which means they need to be in tip-top shape. Skinfix promises to cure irritated, red, dry skin with their award-winning formula and is said to last through numerous hand washes—every mom (or mum) with little ones knows frequent washing to be necessary, but rough on moisture levels. Even eczema and super dry or cracked skin are no match for this silver tube.

While we certainly don't have the funds to start stocking our cabinets with the rest of the Duchess's royal skincare regimen, we're absolutely game to try this $10-a-pop cream. Now, if only we had a 12-carat sapphire to go with our newly moisturized hands.