It’s the most hygienic body-washer in the business.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
February 23, 2021
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Credit: Amazon

The key to soft, smooth skin starts in the shower, and there's a reason why loofahs have always been a body-washing staple. Once the only real exfoliating option on the aisles, loofahs help to make sure every inch gets washed with suds and that you're getting rid of dry, rough skin cells to make room for softer-feeling skin. However, in hygienic terms, they're not the most practical. That fluffy ball of colorful mesh happens to also be an easy breeding ground for bacteria, thanks to its damp surroundings. (Also, thanks to being seemingly impossible to thoroughly wash out? Anyone else?)

While coarse body brushes and stiffer sponges now provide slightly more hygienic options, it's always a gamble when keeping any porous material in a humid shower. Perhaps that's why Amazon's best-selling body brush is actually made of silicone, and it happens to cost only $10 and has garnered over 4,800 reviews—so there's literally no reason not to make the skin-care switch immediately.

This best-selling silicone body scrubber offers all the same exfoliating, sudsy benefits of your classic baby pink loofah, but without having to worry about the material staying wet and becoming festered with bad-for-you bacteria. It's double-sided with one side donning long bristles great for bathing and another side of shorter bristles that's even better for stimulating blood circulation, which some say can help with cellulite reduction. Since silicone is such a hardy material—it's even used in baking!—you can boil it in water whenever you want a deep-clean.

If you want to say goodbye to dead skin cells and get your softest skin ever without any bacteria haunting your dreams, shop the Amazon body-scrubbing brush below.

Credit: Amazon

Choose from four colors.

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