Rosemary Is the Skin Care Ingredient With Benefits That Will Inspire You To Breathe Deep

It's fresh, calming, and has a list of benefits that we're really leaning into right now.

Anyone else go bananas for rosemary? That scent—major fan. Unfortunately, I lack a green thumb, which means I'm very uninspired when it comes to planting just about anything. My side yard is screaming for a nice, unruly hedge of rosemary bushes though. If you're interested in digging in the dirt, please let me know. I'll just be inside sipping my tea, reading a book, or finally learning how to knit. But I thank you in advance.

We know rosemary can add zippy, earthy goodness to a variety of dishes, but did you also know that rosemary extract has major skin care benefits? For all those, like me, who just can't get enough of this woody herb (a member of the mint family!) take a gander through these uses and corresponding products that get the job done. Next time you feel the strain of life creeping up on you, go ahead and grab your rosemary hand moisturizer, or hop in the shower for a sudsy rosemary shampoo—you'll be calm and cool in no time.

Rosemary Sprig

Supports Scalp Health

Paired with willow bark, spirulina, and lemon balm, rosemary helps support a healthy scalp by eliminating the buildup that plagues just about all of us hair-product users. Its natural antiseptic properties make it an excellent choice for promoting healthy strands.

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Repels Insects

You know what mosquitos and flies don't like? Rosemary. That's why you'll find it in a number of natural insect repellents, like Babyganics' spray that's safe for use on kiddos. Fun fact: Head lice also hate the stuff.

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Soothes Redness and Irritation

According to Paula's Choice, a go-to source for everything you ever wanted to know about skin care ingredients (plus, some of our favorite hardworking products), it's the rosmarinic acid in rosemary extract that has the power to sooth irritated skin.

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Has Antioxidant Benefits

In addition to its anti-inflammatory uses, rosemary can also help protect skin from environmental aggressors—a key factor in antiaging. In this oil, it tones and tightens while warding off damage from free radicals.

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Anyone else love to dig into the latest skin care ingredients or research what their lesser-known benefits might be? We're always game.

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