5 Reasons My Grandmother Uses Ponds Cream and Why I Do Too

It's the original budget beauty buy.

We love staying up to date on all the latest beauty products, but there's something to be said about the classics that our mothers and grandmothers swore by. They've stood the test of time for a reason and the graceful, evolving beauty of our matriarchs is all the testament we need to make us the next generation of fans. When we're thinking of those tried-and-true products, Ponds products are always at the top of the list. Grandma loves Ponds Cleansing Cream for removing makeup and so much more. Take a spin down memory lane for all the ways Grandma used Ponds—and why we do too.

Vintage Woman Applying Ponds Cream


Makeup Remover

This one's probably a bit obvious—it's on the bottle, after all. With so many cleansers on the market though, it's easy for Ponds to fall off the radar. From the micellar waters to pricey beauty counter cleansers to those convenient makeup-removing wipes, the cleansing market is saturated. Luckily for our wallets (9.5 oz. of Ponds clocks in under $10) , Grandma makes a case for bringing it back to basics. Take a dollop of Ponds Cleansing Cream and gently massage it all over your face including lips and eyelids. Wipe it away with a warm, wet cloth. You'll be amazed at how your makeup just melts away—even long-wear lipstick and waterproof mascara.


Facial masks are one of the oldest beauty tricks in the book, though the prices of these Friday night favorites take most of them out of the budget-friendly category. Take a look through any beauty store and you'll see pretty little bottles paired with hefty price tags. It seems they all require a generous application, which means that little container ends up going quicker than we anticipated. Ouch. Next time you're in need of a super-powered cure-all, opt for a Ponds mask. Apply generously (but this time you won't shed a tear over the cost per ounce) all over you face. You can make it a super-quick fix and wipe it away after a minute or leave it on a bit longer for more moisturizing benefits. As you wipe the mask away with a dry cloth, you'll be gently exfoliating your skin as well as adding plenty of moisture, which brings us to the next reason Grandma loved Ponds Cream.

Moisturizer and Makeup Base

Before all those fancy primers and pore perfectors, there was Ponds. Use it as a base for makeup by applying as you would a typical moisturizer. Let it soak in before applying your foundation. Southern grandmas always seem to give credit to Ponds moisturizer as the secret to their natural (read: flawless) look.

Makeup Spot Cleanup

A shaky lined eye and a smudge of red lipstick have met their match. Grandma used a cotton swab to apply just where needed. Use the dry side of the cotton swab to remove the unwanted makeup and, voila! No need to start from scratch when a spot treatment can get the job done this well.

Body Lotion

When colder weather sets in and skin starts to get dry and rough this is the ultimate cure. Grandma would slather it on after her nightly bath before climbing into bed. It's the secret to waking up to baby soft skin and the most beloved beauty secret passed down from our beautiful grandmothers.

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