Perricone MD's Hand Moisturizer Is My Work-From-Home Self-Care Fix

Stressed? Anxious? That's nothing a little hand moisturizer can't fix.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Hand Therapy
Photo: Perricone MD

There are mixed reports on whether moisturizer after hand washing totally negates the antibacterial benefits of lathering up every hour on the hour but, as far as its mental health benefits, a highly nurturing cream is just good for the soul. Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Hand Therapy has many of the same benefits as brand's Cold Plasma Plus Sub-D Neck (see: increased skin elasticity and hydration) but, this time, in a formula designed for our digits. Peeling cuticles, cracked knuckles, and dry, itchy skin (the tell-tale signs of over-washing) have met their match in this sleek black tube. Just don't gawk at the price, okay? If a $29 tube of hand cream is what is helping me get through right now, then just let it happen.

So what makes it so good? Let me start with the feel. You know that greasy residue that so many hand moisturizers leave behind? You won't find it here. This stuff isn't too thick—it makes its way through a tiny pump, after all—and soaks in like a dream. Speaking of that pump, it's a way more sanitary choice than all the tubs I typically call on when I'm looking for the most heavy-duty of moisturizers. This one gets the job done like the heavy-hitters, but comes in a tidy little tube that will calm your newfound germophobic tendencies. One to two pumps is all you'll need.

Now on to the science. The formula calls on phospholipids to booster the effectiveness of the other star ingredients. Phospholipids are a type of fatty acid that traps water and holds it in. And, where our skin is involved, retaining water is a good thing. Shea butter, that highly effective moisturizing ingredient we love to look for in our hand moisturizers and lip balms, paired with glycine, an amino acid that plumps and firms skin, combine to help turn back the clock on our hands. The benefits of this moisturizer have kept my hands in top shape as I navigate the tricky world of working from home for the foreseeable future.

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As long as my hands are moisturized, there's nothing I can't take on. Anyone else?

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