This SPF-packed moisturizer does more than protect skin.

By Hannah Hayes
September 29, 2018
Credit: @paulaschoice

Hello, it's me again, your freckled friend and resident SPF correspondent. Yes, I'm here to advocate sunscreen usage, which you may have read about here, here, oh, and here. While you may find it the least interesting or sexy part of your skin routine, sunblock is unquestionably the best anti-aging product on the market. No $300 La Mer moisturizer or $95 neck cream will ever compare to the effects of consistent and intentional sunscreen application, and it's never too late to start.

While my Irish ancestry makes sunscreen non-negotiable lest I walk around looking like an heirloom tomato all summer, no matter your skin tone or background, you too should be using it every day.

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If you have taken issue with you sunscreen's greasiness, chalkiness, texture, thickness, or any other number of grievances, I invite you to throw it away with abandon and add Paula's Choice Essential Glow Moisturizer with SPF 30 to your cart.

Instead of highlighting all your imperfections in a Ranch dressing-sheen, like so many other products, Miss Paula's concoction leaves your skin looking believably glowy almost like Barbara Walters' lighting guy is following your every move. With a bonus 12 science-backed antioxidants and a super light feel, it also improves your complexion and signs of aging without weighing you down.

Although Paula's Choice has a nighttime moisturizer within the same line that I also stan for, I've found myself routinely using this daytime-oriented one even before a night-out long after the sun has gone down. Perhaps not as crazy as it sounds since it also protects skin from the blue light coming out of my laptop and phone screens. Regardless, let's all sing along together, "I wear my sunscreen at night so I can..."