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There's a four-month sleep regression happening in our house. Our newborn, who was sleeping through the night at eight weeks, is barely letting my husband and me get four hours of sleep between the two of us. My mom often reminds me that this too shall pass, but in the meantime, I'm calling on a few therapeutic eye gels to pull my face through to the bright side, lest I look like a zombie wandering the halls of Southern Living headquarters.

Patchology recently sent me a selection of their newest eye gels with what can only be categorized as impeccable timing. I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up earlier this week, so I decided to go rogue and allow time for a quick indulgence. Patchology moodpatch Perk Up Eye Gel Masks ($15/pack of 5) came to my rescue.

Patchology's green tea-infused eye gels are designed to reduce dark circles, de-puff, and brighten up the under-eye area. What's more, they're formulated with bergamot to boost energy and perhaps even improve mood. I wouldn't recommend skipping your morning cup of coffee in favor of a little extra self-care, but they'll do the trick for improving complexion and making the supremely tired among us look a bit livelier.

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Thankfully, I still have four more sets of patches left in my five-pack box, which I can say with certainty will be called upon come Monday morning. We want to know your little tricks for looking wide awake when you'd rather be curled up in bed. Share with us in the comments!