Plus, it will cut your lip balm addiction in a minute.

By Patricia Shannon
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Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask Image
Credit: Nooni

If you find yourself with the compulsive need to reapply lip balm every hour on the hour, we're here to tell you that you'll never hit the level of hydration you crave with a single tube alone—hate to break it to you. The good news? There is hope for you yet and it comes in a small, round tub of glory that costs just about as much as that weekly latte habit we've also been trying to curve. One battle at a time though, don't you agree?

We've tried other lip masks before to lackluster results. Quite frankly, some of these potions even left us with more pout problems than we started with. Just when we were about to write off the lip mask industry as a racket, Nooni Applebutter Lip Mask made its way to our beauty department.

The balm comes with a small, spatula-type tool that will get the thumbs up from germ-avoiding gals everywhere (including yours truly). Inside the tub, you'll find a thick, bee's-wax-yellow formula that goes on smooth while it somehow works to exfoliate your lips to silken perfection overnight.

There are a few ways to use Nooni's Applebutter Lip Mask, which doesn't taste like apple butter now that we're thinking about it. The most obvious way is to use it as an overnight lip mask; this is where you'll see the most results sans reapplication. You can also use it as a traditional balm during the day or—as we do—use it overnight, then follow up with another coat after washing your face in the morning to keep the hydration coming all day long.

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We found the morning and night combo to be our sweet spot. The days are flying by without even a glance at our once ride-or-die tiny tube of drugstore lip balm. Turns out, with a product that packs this level of hydration, reapplication just plain old isn't needed. What a concept.