The noninvasive wrinkle solution that's primed to change the anti-aging game

By Patricia Shannon
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No7 Line Correcting Booster Serum
Credit: Walgreens

I'm sorry, come again? That was my initial thought when I first read No7 Laboratories claims regarding their Line Correcting Booster Serum. Apparently, it's "proven to erase 5 years of aging on your face in just 12 weeks" when used daily. Could it be true? How is that possible? Are they about to save countless women from subjecting themselves to nearly four-figure dermatologist bills all in the name of a more youthful complexion? I had so many questions. Here are the facts.

When No7's serum initially hit the market in the UK, it was met with a 17,000 person wait list—clearly we've been out of the loop down here in Alabama. It recently launched Stateside exclusively at Yeah, you read that right. This is a drugstore product. You won't find it at the counter of your favorite fancy department store or advertised as price upon request. It clocks in at just $41.99.

Now, here comes the first (perhaps only) disclaimer: The bottle is not large. It's a petite .5 oz container; so, while a relatively low price point on first glance, it's not quite the economy size you might be hoping for. There are ways to get a little more bang for your buck while still following the manufacturer's guidelines. One is to use it as a booster by mixing one or two drops into your daily moisturizer, eye cream, or even foundation.

I'm sure the folks at No.7 wouldn't recommend diluting their product if it hampered its effectiveness, but my bet is that direct application will return the best results in the quickest time. In that case, apply twice daily directly to your problem areas (forehead, around the lips, between brows, crow's feet, and under eyes). Use as much or as little as you deem necessary, though a dab will typically do you when it comes to products such as these.

In addition to promises of sloughing off five years of aging in just three months, the brand polled a number of users to find out how the serum stacked up to their expectations. One of the statements that left my mouth gaping:

"Among women who were considering injectables, after trialing the product for 2 months, 77% of women said the serum gave them better results than they thought possible from skincare and 73% said they were less likely to consider injectables in the future."

Oh, and this one too:

"Of those that had already had injectables, 80% of women said the serum gave them better results than they thought possible from skincare and 73% said they would delay their next treatment."

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I haven't tried the serum yet as I'm currently weeks away from welcoming a little one and therefore trying to keep my skincare routine as gentle as possible. When I'm back to testing skincare, this will certainly be at the top of my list. How about you? Now that you know the claims will you give this promising serum a try?