It's time to brighten up. 

By Patricia Shannon
October 04, 2019
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Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream
Credit: Neutrogena

How often we hear about the glow. It's something many of us are after and probably had in spades when we were younger. Maybe you're not ready for the full spectrum of anti-aging, or maybe you're already dealing with a lineup of heavy hitters yet there's still something missing. A group of millennials has your back. Neutrogena tasked a class of twenty-to-thirty somethings with finding a new range that's specifically geared toward their generation—and they delivered Neutrogena Bright Boost.

The collection is designed to revitalize tired looking skin and restore some of that youthful radiance we lovingly refer to as "the glow." Each of the four components (micro polish, gel cream, illuminating serum, and broad-spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer) work together to create the Bright Boost Skincare Regimen.

Aside from the micro polish, they all get their complexion-boosting benefits from NeoGlucosamine, a patented amino sugar that's one of the latest skincare super ingredients to hit the market. It works to brighten the complexion by renewing and resurfacing skin through speeding up the rate of surface cell turnover. Neutrogena claims their Bright Boost collection can result in a brighter, more even complexion in just a week.

One of the primary causes of dull skin can be linked to dehydration, which naturally occurs as we age—even showing signs as early as in our 20s. Another major culprit of dehydrated skin? Sun exposure, which we get plenty of down here. The Bright Boost Gel Cream ($22.99), Illuminating Serum ($22.99), and Bright Boost Moisturizer with SPF ($22.99) are all meant to combat each one of the causes of dull skin, once again utilizing NeoGlucosamine to hydrate as it gently resurfaces skin.

The collection can be used together or worked into your existing regimen. If you're using Retinol products, be sure not to apply Bright Boost at the same time as they both counteract the effectiveness of the other. The gel cream and serum are formulated for twice-daily use, while the SPF is recommended as the first step in your daily makeup routine. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you'll want to determine the appropriate usage frequency for the Resurfacing Micro Polish ($10.49). We find that scrubs are something that some swear by for daily use, whereas others find once or twice weekly application to be the sweet spot.

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If you're on the fence about the gel cream because you tend to find gels not quite as moisturizing as other formulas, you might want to give this one a try. We found it pleasantly hydrating, without a hint of stickiness left behind.

Neutrogena Bright Boost Collection is available at,, and other mass retailers.