That being said, it will become your most addictive nighttime ritual. (Sorry, Ben and Jerry.)

By Patricia Shannon
Lush Sleepy Body Lotion
Credit: Lush

We're not keen on underestimating the superhero-like qualities of the beauty counter, but we can say it's unlikely that serious cases of insomnia can be cured with a single tub of lotion (no matter how delicious it smells). The thing is, we still think this heroic formula is worth buying on repeat. Here's why.

When we first heard about Lush's magical Sleepy Lotion it was being hailed a wonderworker of bedtime and unofficial Rx for mild sleep issues. It hit the market this time last year to rave reviews, flying off shelves at record speed. In light of the hubbub, we did what any good beauty editors would do—we had some sent to our office so we could find out for ourselves what the fuss was all about.

The packaging was standard issue as far as Lush is concerned: black tub, white lettering. In a word, it's not one of those products you buy for its vanity-worthy appearance. What's within, though, is quite a sight to behold. The lotion is a soft shade of purple, and smells like lavender sweetened with delicious notes from almond oil.

Lavender might be the star of this wonderworker of the senses, but let's go ahead and consider almond oil the brilliant sidekick. Almond works to smooth out all the edges, providing just a hint of sweetness that's bound to make you breath deep and unwind. It's the kind of ingredient that acts like a sleeper cell (no pun intended), sitting and waiting for the perfect moment to make its appearance. When it does, you'll be ready to slide into bed and get to work on that REM cycle.

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The combination of lavender and almond fragrances is a powerful one when it comes to soothing the senses. Will it cure your insomnia? Probably not, but slathering on this purple putty will become your most addictive nighttime ritual—we guarantee it.