The best budget-friendly picks—plus, the 2-in-1 mask that your face will crave.
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Lightweight Moisturizers

We've got our creams, moisturizing masks, and milky cleansers stocked for the winter while our dwindling summer stash of gel moisturizers and blotting papers has seen us through some triple-digit days as of late. When we finally start to see temperatures creeping down, it's time to give our moisturizing routine a second look. No, we can't switch over to the heavy-hitters just yet, but we do need just a hint more impact than our summer squad can provide. We've gathered a plan for transitioning our skin care for the upcoming season with a set of budget-friendly picks that won't set you back. If you're putting the sun dresses into the attic for the season, perhaps it's time to tweak your beauty routine ever so slightly with one (or all) of these drugstore favorites.

Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost 2-in-1 Facial Mask + Scrub

It's one-part face mask, one-part face scrub and the result is what some refer to as a facial in a jar. Prime your face for flawless makeup application or just give it a healthy, natural glow by using twice a week.

Buy: $7;


You know the stuff. Bio-Oil is well known for its healing benefits for scars and stretch marks, but it's also formulated for after-sun care and moisturizing.

Buy: $30/6.7 oz.;

Olay Sun Facial Sunscreen + Makeup Primer SPF

Get your fall beauty look ready with a makeup primer that doubles as SPF. The sun is still high in the sky down here in the South, so it's no time to start skimping on the sun protection. This will get the job done while ensuring your foundation goes on like a dream—and stays there.

Buy: $27;

Jergens Brilliance Flawless Effects

This shea-butter moisturizer not only nourishes skin, but also blurs imperfections thanks to a rosy formula designed to illuminate and smooth.

Buy: $10;

Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer

Running late? With this in-shower moisturizer there's no excuse not to give your skin some love before you hop out.

Buy: $12;