It's a major breakthrough in sun protection.

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The sun safety game is changing. Dermatalogical skincare brand La Roche-Posay aims to upgrade the sun protection market in a major way with their new wearable device that tracks sun exposure and potential UV damage with one tiny mobile-syncing device, UV Sense.

Just last summer, the brand distributed more than 1 million units of their stretchable skin sensor, similarly called My UV Patch. The patches were given out free of charge in 37 countries, delivering valuable insight into the sun care patterns and varying safe UV doses for users. It was clear that the tracking device prompted participants to be more mindful of their exposure—34 percent increased the frequency of their sunscreen application and 37 percent made an effort to stay in the shade more often. The one thing that wasn't ideal was the size and arm placement of the patch. Enter, UV Sense.

UV Sense is different from its predecessor for a number of reasons, the first being it's only 9 millimeters in diameter (about 1.5 times the size of a pencil eraser) and reads more nail art than sensor. It's designed to adhere to the thumbnail for two weeks, but each sensor also comes with additional adhesives for reapplication. So, why the thumbnail placement? Interestingly enough, the thumbnail receives optimal light, which means the device can more accurately track exposure. Placing the sensor on the thumbnail as opposed to the arm also allowed the wear time to increase from days to weeks—a major bonus for long-term wear.

More than just alerting wearers when they need to duck and cover once their daily UV limit has been met, UV Sense is battery free and powered by the user's mobile phone. Its accompanying app delivers real-time, consumer-friendly info on exposure levels, when to reapply SPF, as well as additional facts and tips on sun protection.

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It's unlikely we'll be able to get our hands on UV Sense this summer, as it's only being released on a limited basis, but we'll be sure to share details straight from La Roche-Posay once information on the 2019 global launch is announced.