Time to ditch that expensive cleansing brush

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Kate Middleton at Wimbledon
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It's a pretty safe bet that if it's Kate-approved, it's going to be sold out in a minute—in addition to every semi-decent knockoff. But don't add to cart just yet.

Kate's makeup artist, Arabella Preston, recently spilled the details on her royally stunning complexion and it's all about facial flannels or—as we like to call them—washcloths. They were once sworn off by the beauty world because they can wind up being a mess of germs if you're not careful, but it looks like the tables have turned all thanks to a certain style-setting Duchess.

If you can't possibly accept the fact that your pathway to Kate-like-pores is through the $5 stack of Target washcloths sitting in your closet, pick up a pack of Preston's skincare line Votary's cotton face cloths ($40/5 cloths).

I recently gave a similar concept a try with Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloths ($7.50/2 cloths). I wasn't able to get my skin clean with soap and water alone (even with my double cleanse routine), but I found regular wash cloths were too abrasive for my sensitive skin. Enter, cleansing cloths. They ensure my skin doesn't get irritated while also wiping off every last trace of stubborn makeup. After using my new cleansing cloths for the first time I was able to wipe on my toner as usual, but without a trace of makeup left on the cotton ball. About a week into using the cloths my skin feels softer and looks dewier. I guess Ms. Middleton knows her stuff.

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What are your favorite skincare finds? We want to know the latest and greatest secrets to your fresh complexion. Whether you're a fan of the double cleanse or wouldn't dream of stepping foot outside without your SPF, share with us your favorite finds.