My Mom's Latest Treat-Yourself Purchase Is the Most Luxurious Body Butter

I was sold after one use.

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As I've written before, a trip to my mom's vanity is often better for finding new beauty products than the aisles of Sephora. Plus, the free samples are huge.

On a recent visit to my parents', I realized I forgot to pack body lotion. My skin gets incredibly dry—fast—so when I discovered my packing mishap after getting out of the shower, I didn't have time to run and buy some lotion before I started to dry up like the pavement after a hot summer rain. Knowing my mom would have some, I ran downstairs to her bathroom.

"You're going to LOVE this," she raved, as she handed me a large jar.

"Josie Maran? Isn't that kind of expensive? You don't have to loan me this! Pass me the drugstore stuff," I said.

She insisted that the splurge was worth it, and I had to try for myself. It wasn't a hard sell.

I got to use her Josie Maran Skin Dope Body Butter for the whole weekend and fell in love. Since it's a body butter, not a lotion, its thick, moisturizing texture is just what my parched skin needed. It's infused with CBD (non-psychoactive, y'all), which calms irritated skin, like my flaky spots and my mom's eczema problem areas. Pure argan oil, which includes hydration hero Vitamin E, adds even more good-for-your-skin benefits. Because it's made with such high-quality natural ingredients, the hydrating and soothing effects of this body butter are unparalleled. If overwhelming fragrance turns you off, Skin Dope is for you. It barely has a scent at all, and what's there just smells light and natural.

I couldn't sneak away with my mom's jar of Skin Dope Body Butter (I tried), but I went home and ordered my own ASAP. If there's one word to describe this lotion, it's "luxurious." Its rich texture glides on and absorbs beautifully. Since it's such a splurge, I save it for days when I'm feeling super dry or when my skin needs some extra love, like after a sunburn or allergy irritation. Putting lotion on can feel like a chore, but using this body butter is the ultimate treat after a long day.

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Josie Maran Skin Dope Body Butter

Josie Maran Skin Dope Body Butter2

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