I bid a sweet goodbye to pale and dry.


Our skin can be a fickle thing to tend once winter strikes. It fades more day by day, losing our summer glow that we've attempted to cling to during the fall months. Everything starts drying up, from head to toe, threatening us with the most dreaded of terms: cracked. We begin losing faith as the holiday party season kicks off that we'll be able to pull ourselves together.

That's where you would've found me a month ago, wallowing and wishing for a magic trick to give my glowing, tanned skin back in this cold, dry air. Luckily, I thought of a gradual self-tanner that I remembered seeing peppered all over the Beauty Awards issues of my favorite magazines, which—as we know—is always a great place to start. A quick research stint online and ferocious drive to the drugstore later, I had a brand-new bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer in my hands.

This gradual self-tanner lotion uses the same polymer technology that similar in-shower and wet skin moisturizers do to adhere to damp skin, slowly deepening your skin tone with its ingredient, DHA, a molecule that tints skin sans the sun. I wanted to rub it like a genie in a bottle and beg it to grant my wish for glowing skin in this dreary winter, but I waited patiently for later that night when I was going to take a shower and begin my new routine. This lotion wasn't like most self-tanners, or like most moisturizers for that matter; you slathered this glow in a bottle on your body after getting out of the shower, but before drying off. While it's definitely a step in your routine that takes a little getting used to, it's more than worth it.

After just a few days, I noticed a very natural, subtle tan developing on my arms and legs. Even more reassuring came when I visited my two best friends out of town the following weekend, and each separately lamented that I still looked tan and fresh from our summer and early fall trips to the beach and lake, while theirs was getting increasingly drab and dry. I divulged my newfound secret with them, gal to gal.

As far as the moisturizing component, I thought that drying myself off after applying the lotion wouldn't make for much hydration; but I was happy to find that my body felt and looked moisturized. (No dry skin, flaky knees, or cracked elbows on this lady this winter!) And, perhaps most important of all, my towels, sheets, and clothes did not get a hint of the tint. I had gone out on a limb, as I generally skip self-tanners because I hate getting my sheets dirty, and it thankfully paid off.

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So if you're looking for great hydration, glowing color, and less stress about self-tanner staining, this wet skin lotion is absolutely the way to go. I've been using it for about a month now, and I'm still noticing my burst of warm color and absence of dry skin—hurrah!