We're trying to find a wonder this stuff can't work.

Jasmyn Wilkins
Credit: Instagram/@jasmynwilkins

We're old enough by now to know that there are certain beauty products that need no introduction. If Mama used it, and Mama's Mama used it, then we consider it properly vetted. These old-school products aren't infused with snail mucus or bee venom, nor do they pretend to be something they aren't. They are reliable and certain, unlike most things in life besides, perhaps, death and taxes.

Former Miss Georgia and self-proclaimed skincare junkie, Jasmyn Wilkins, knows this too. She's currently making waves for her debut in the recently unveiled 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue so we took the opportunitunity to chat with the Southern-grown beauty about her best beauty tips and tricks, including her favorite products for keeping that healthy glow. It's no surprise that this Georgia peach knows how to keep her skin radiant and hydrated at all times, despite jetting around the world for her job; and when asked her favorite, must-have beauty product, she was quick on the draw, no hesitation.

"My number one all-around product that I use all the time is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. It's very old school. You can use it on your cuticles, as a lipgloss, or on your eyelids with eyeshadow. I even use it as a highlighter sometimes. It's just one of those great multipurpose skincare products. And when using it as purely skincare, it doesn't clog my pores," Wilkins said.

Needless to say, she's not the only one on the bandwagon. This moisturizing balm is one of those iconic cult buys that makes you fall head over heels before you even realize it. The apricot-tinted, strongly scented salve works its day job as a cure for dry, chapped skin, but moonlights with side hustles that include shaping brows, adding shine to cheeks, soothing cracked cuticles and hands, or—as professional makeup artists will testify—using as an ethereally dewy eyeshadow or lipgloss. (Its texture is akin to Vaseline, and it comes in an unscented formula for those who prefer a lighter hand.) Its multipurpose uses have long solidified its reputation as a bonafide miracle worker. Developed in 1930, the cream got its namesake from a client that used the product on her child's scraped knee and then found it magically healed eight hours later. While we're not saying this stuff will cure the common cold, you have to appreciate the passion of those who use it.

More often than not, we can thank our Southern mothers and grandmothers for introducing classic beauty products like this and showing us the ways in which a Southern woman approaches beauty. For Wilkins, it seems that she acquired her love for simple, yet effective beauty products from hers.

"My mom was always my big beauty inspiration as a child," Wilkins said. "She's always been into using a lot of neutrals and just looking very yourself, but better."

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There you have it, ladies. We could list off rave reviews all day long for this product, but we know you're busy. This moisturizing balm is good enough for our Southern foremothers, for beauty professionals, and for a model that makes a living fielding close-ups on her skin. Where do we sign up?