Say goodbye to makeup remover y'all.

By Maddy Zollo
July 10, 2018
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Credit: Dermstore

There's one thing for certain: I love eye makeup. From shadow to liner to mascara, I haven't met a product I don't like. The one downfall of constantly wearing a cat-eye or smoky eye? Taking it all off at the end of the day. While I'm particularly fond of micellar water removers there's always one issue — all the cotton pads I go through trying to remove everything.

Recently, I decided to try Jane Iredale's Magic Mitt ($15, It's made of micro fibers that are so small, they're thinner than a strand of hair. They're designed like this so they're able to penetrate oil particles, allowing these gentle fibers to remove makeup and grime while also exfoliating. Another perk of using a microfiber cloth is that doesn't irritate the top layer of skin (unlike so other exfoliants or cleansing tools can), so you don't have to worry about any harmful bacteria disrupting your complexion.

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I'll admit I was skeptical that this little pink mitt would be able to get off my full-face of makeup. Especially, since all you need to put on it is warm water — no cleanser or makeup remover required. After getting it wet, I began to massage it onto my face in circular motions. Sure enough, my foundation began to get swept away. When I got to my eyes, it lifted off my mascara and liner without a problem, and it didn't leave behind any pesky residue on my lashes. By the time I was done, my face was squeaky clean and all I needed to do was use a Q-tip to clean up a little liner still hugging my lower lashlines. I rinsed the mitt off, hung it up to dry, and repeated the process again the next night. By now, it's become a mainstay in my evening skincare routine — and haven't had to use a single cotton pad since.